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​​​​​​​Iowa Twisters Senior Diving Club

Iowa Twisters is an official club member of AAU Diving and USA Diving​. All divers must be registered athletes with AAU Diving. Please click here to view the senior calendar​ with practice dates and times.


  1. You must be a high school graduate. All high school graduates that have not started classes full-time in a college or university must live within a 50 mile radius of Ames unless you can show that the Iowa Twister​s Diving Club is the nearest diving club to you.

Registration Process

  1. ​​Purchase the summer Iowa Twisters Senior Club Membership, $25. Click the Buy Now link or you may also pay by check.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​Buy Now​
    ​​ ​
  2. You must join AAU Diving as an Athlete member before you may practice. The cost is $14 or $16 depending on your selection, but either will suffice for our club. Make sure to select Iowa Twisters as your diving club.

    We also recommend that you become an athlete member of
    USA Diving (especially if you plan on participating in diving meets).  Make sure to select Iowa as your association and Iowa Twisters as your diving club. Memberships range in cost and qualification: the Limited Athlete Membership, $12 (allows for participation in camps, clinics, lessons, and closed leagues), the Competitive Blue Membership, $20 (allows for participation in association and invitational meets including Future Champions meets) or the Competitive Gold Membership, $75 (allows for participation in Region, Zone, and National Championships as well as Competitive Blue meets). 
  3. Register​ by completing all of the necessary information on the form to begin participating in the Iowa Twisters Senior diving practices.
  4. Bring a completed Medical Form​​​, a copy of a current physical if the Physician's Authorization section is not signed by a doctor, and a check payable to Dive Well LLC for $25 (summer registration fee) to your first practice. You may also send these by mail to Dive Well LLC, 118 S. Riverside Dr, Ames IA 50010. You may pay using PayPal instead of a check.



Dive Well LLC is owned and operated by Jeff & Kathy Warrick on the Iowa State University campus in Ames, Iowa.